Behind the Scenes with Sen Faith Duff

Sen Faith Duff

Jan. 14, 2020

Recently we had the pleasure of working with talented artist Sen Faith Duff to capture behind the scenes footage of

her upcoming photography project.

Shot on location around Milton Keynes and in Throw Back vintage's studio. We captured an insight into Sen's creative process when shooting on 35mm film & digital on location and in a studio environment.

Sen's photos from the day haven't been released yet but are coming soon, we're very excited to see her finished project!

Photographer: Sen Faith Duff
Model / set design: Tom Chamberlain
Videographers: Ben Chamberlain, Maisie Duff
Edited by Maisie Duff
Song: Code Kunst - X

Special thanks to Throwback Vintage

If you'd like to hire us to document your creative process with a behind the scenes video please get in touch.

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