Broken Open - ERIKA

July 21, 2019

Music Video, directed by Maisie Duff

Music: Erika (see below for details)

Performer: Gabriella Mazure

Director: Maisie Duff @ SPRY Pictures

DP: Ben Chamberlain @ SPRY Pictures

Camera Operator: Michael East @ SPRY Pictures

Edited by: SPRY Pictures team

Colour Grading: Michael East, Ben Chamberlain and Maisie Duff @ SPRY Pictures

Hair / MUA: Natascha Sohl

Location & Props: Erika Footman & Mark Richardson


Writers: Erika Footman, David Whitmey & Mayki Ferro.

All vocals by: ERIKA

Keys: Chris Burgham

Drums: Mark Roberts

Percussion: Erika

Extra synth & production: Paul Stanborough

Mixed & Engineered: Paul Stanborough

Mastered: Tim Young.

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